1 — Anyone can immigrate to Canada – WRONG! 

Some people will never be granted a right to enter Canada – due to criminal background, membership in terrorist’s organization or health conditions that endanger public health.

2 — Immigration lawyer can guarantee you result – WRONG! 

Not only it is illegal to guarantee results, it is also illegal to guarantee exact processing times and charge fees based on results

3 — If you are older than 40-50 you have no chances to immigrate to Canada – WRONG! 

You may have specific set of skills or qualifications that are in demand in Canada or in one of its provinces – and you still have time to earn a decent pension. You can send your children or grandchildren to study to Canada and they may sponsor you once they become permanent residents. You may also be eligible for parents and grandparents Super Visa that allows you to spend longer time with your family in Canada.

4 — You need to speak English and/or French in order to immigrate – GENERALLY TRUE 

however, language requirements are different depending on the immigration stream. We discuss this in more detail in your individual case. (And you can always improve your language skills!)

5 — You do not have to work in Canada – the government will give you money – WRONG! 

Immigration can be a challenging process of adjusting to new culture and you will have to work to establish yourself here. However, Canada offers security, rule of law, and numerous options to find careers that suit you best. (And you may be helped by means of tax credits and social programs)


Canada offers freedom and opportunity, a world-class education system, stable economy, safe communities, unmatched natural beauty and landscape. You will not be discriminated here based on your ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other characteristics – THIS IS TRUE!


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